Taurus g2c 9mm cleaning

Taurus g2c 9mm cleaning

While cleaning your 9mm can be a bore for some, it is extremely necessary to ensure that your gun will operate in the best possible condition. You can choose to buy each cleaning component separately, but that would be too expensive. Therefore, if you own a 9mm, it is best to buy the best 9mm cleaning kit because it will allow you to save up on money. You may find it confusing to choose a cleaning kit for yourself because there are many options available for you.

Luckily, we have decided to review five of the best cleaning kit for your 9mm. The kit is in a zippered bag that is made of ballistic nylon shell that will be able to protect your entire kit from heavy rain or extreme heat. Moreover, it makes it easy to carry since it is in a compact bag with all the items neatly stored in the internal parts tray. Due to the slotted tray, the components of the kit are securely in place. Apart from the 9mm, you can also clean your.

It is also resistant to oil, which means that you can maintain the quality of the kit after cleaning. The kit contains two section handgun cleaning rod with a swivel tip. This tip is then connected to a T-handle to provide for a longer reach. Overall, the cleaning rod reaches a height of nine inches for easy cleaning. Apart from the cleaning rod, it also comes with a handgun brush and jag. There is a phosphor bronze brush and a red nylon jag that is compatible with most firearms, which allows for the extreme flexibility of use.

taurus g2c 9mm cleaning

In addition to this, there are two durable black nylon slotted tips. For the solvent stage, you can use the gun cleaning patch included in the kit. There are fifty pieces of cleaning patch on this cleaning kit. Our Rating: 4. It is encased in a plastic carrying bag to ensure easy portability of your cleaning kit. Moreover, it can be locked up to secure the items in your kit.

While it is designed to clean a 9mm caliber, you can also use this for. In order to help you remove the fouling from y our 9mm, this kit includes a nylon utility brush, a 4oz. M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner and a 4oz. In order to dry your firearm after cleaning, you can also use the lint free cleaning cloth that is included in the kit.

While the kit seems incomplete, it contains durable materials that makes it perfect for cleaning your firearms while you are on the go. The next cleaning kit that we have tried is the UTG 9MM Pistol Cleaning Kit, which comes in a carrying polymer case for better storage and easy transport. It also comes with an internal clam and padding that will secure all your items in place.

Each component of the kit is constructed in a robust manner to ensure that they can offer supreme durability and optimum strength.

In addition to this, each item was well designed to perform at its top quality. The cleaning rod is made of copper alloy with a tight tolerance thread. This also comes with a copper patch loop to ensure that the bore can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly.For enhanced performance, scallops are included with the G3c magazine extension. These are designed to assist in tactical magazine changes should dust or grit prevent the magazine from dropping freely when depressing the mag release.

The G3c comes standard with three round magazines or three round magazines. Fifteen- and round G3c magazines will also be available for customers who desire even higher capacity. A redesigned flat trigger face concentrates finger pressure on the front of the shoe for a straighter pull while a shorter trigger reset delivers quicker follow-up shots, reduces sight alignment disturbance, and minimizes the tendency to jerk the trigger. The rear sight is serrated to reduce glare and quicken sight picture acquisition, while drift adjustability allows the shooter to fine-tune the point-of-impact.

Taurus Handguns For Sale

The rear sight dovetail is also cut to dimensions which accept the most common aftermarket fiber-optic or tritium night sights available. Free shipping on all shotgun shell cases. Taurus G3C 9mm 3. Sorry but this item is currently unavailable.

Please check back at a later stage. Add to cart for price. Minimum Purchase:. Maximum Purchase:. Gift Wrapping:. Add to Cart. Add to Wishlist. Share This Item. Related Products. Taurus 9MM 3.

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Taurus G2C 9MM 3. FFL Dealer Phone:. Address Follow Us. What's New This Season. We accept the following forms of payment. Please waitCommitted to quality craftsmanship, innovation, and value, Taurus delivers handguns that are well-suited for concealed carry, competitive and recreational sports, hunting, and home defense.

We offer a large selection of new and used Taurus handguns for sale, with price points for nearly every budget. Taurus produced their first revolver inand inbegan exporting revolvers into the U. What resulted was the creation of the renowned PT and PT, among other jewels. Soon after that, inTaurus delivered an industry first by offering an unqualified lifetime repair policy. Although other companies have since matched the policy, it has never been exceeded.

Taurus Holdings, Inc. Taurus currently manufactures more than three dozen models of revolvers and pistols with numerous variants of each model available. A popular revolver made by Taurus, the Judge is capable of accepting five rounds of 45 LC or bore shells. First introduced more than a decade ago, this game-changing revolver remains just as popular today as it was when it first rolled off the line. A powerful revolver built on a large frame, the Raging Bull is available in several variants and delivers five rounds of Casull or six rounds of 44 Magnum.

The is built to exacting tolerances. Ideal for concealed carry, it is a versatile revolver that delivers both speed and accuracy. Manufactured in several variants, the Taurus is a feature-rich, rock-solid, semi-automatic handgun chambered in 45 ACP with an 8-round capacity.

taurus g2c 9mm cleaning

It is crafted with a hammer-forged steel frame, slide and barrel, and hand-assembled in a state-of-the-art facility. The Taurus Spectrum is a sub-compact, semi-automatic handgun chambered in ACP with a 7-round capacity. Made for everyday carry, it sports soft-touch grip panels, and delivers comfort and control in a fashionable and functional package. Features of the Spectrum include a 2.

The Spectrum is available in an array of color combinations to suit any taste. Well-equipped and reliable, the TH40 is built on a polymer frame and features Novak adjustable sights, manual safety, loaded chamber indicator, and finger grooves for added comfort and control.The Taurus G2C is something of a phenomenon. Sales are greater than expected, which surprises a few people. Taurus is not the company it was, even 10 years ago.

Does Taurus still have its share of returns to customer service? The thing is, the number of returns have shrunk some. Under new management, Taurus is really trying to clean up its act where quality control is concerned.

I want to offer the notion that the company is trying to do a better job.

taurus g2c 9mm cleaning

They certainly are into innovation where firearm development is concerned. Some samples might be the Curve. This gun, to glance at it quickly, could be mistaken for a 9mm compact but is in fact a full-size.

The magazine holds 16 rounds and the gun has all the earmarks of a carry weapon. It is quite innovative, from that standpoint. The reason I mention these is to show that Taurus is evidently trying to think out of the box and to regain what it lost over the years of indifferent quality control and customer service. The G2C is a great example of that.

Taurus introduced the Millenium series of pistols in They were brought out to compete in the concealed carry market and for law enforcement backup purposes. Inthe G2 guns were unveiled. These were in caliber 9mm and. Here are some quick vital statistics:. I owned two of these.

They were great pistols, but the G2C is a definite improvement. This alone caused many to buy this gun over the older one. The security system was, to put it politely, not well liked.Are you looking for the best Taurus G2C accessories and upgrades?

The only answer at that point is to find an accessory or two that will provide you with a pretty sweet upgrade. As a result, your pistol will perform a lot better. But that depends on what you intend to upgrade like a magazine or a sight. Types of Taurus G2C Upgrades. There are a few types of upgrades that are absolutely important for your Taurus G2C pistol. Each one has its own advantage that you can experience after finding the right kind of accessory as part of the upgrade process itself.

Here are some of the best types that you might want to consider:. Accuracy is important. Some sights will include your tritium front or rear sights. Color-wise, they are bright enough for you to see in almost any light conditions low-light and daylight.

These are proven to be more effective than the factory iron sights that come with your pistol. A standard magazine will contain anywhere between 10 to 12 rounds. An extended magazine will almost double your usual capacity i. This will definitely come in handy in situations like target practice or competitive shooting. The trigger is a must-have accessory for your pistol.

Without it, how will you be able to fire a pistol? A great trigger will have a pull weight that is light enough for you to quickly get a shot off. A laser sight might be a decent substitute for your regular sights. If tritium or other upgraded sights are not enough, then a laser can definitely serve you in the long run. This may also be a sight that can be useful in self-defense situations. Especially when having the most precise aim is a high priority. Last but not least, you need something that will hold your pistol securely.

A great holster is always the answer. Most holsters will provide you with a good deal of concealability without having anyone noticing you. You need to know what kind of characteristics these upgrades contain and what advantages you can get out of them. Even one or two features will stand out as interesting to you and it may be enough to warrant a purchasing decision.

Is your pistol not as accurate as it used to be? Is your holster not doing a good job concealing it? Find the best quality that you can afford when it comes to upgrades.

Both of these materials are best known for taking a lot of impact and abuse. These are our recommendations for the best Taurus G2C accessories and upgrades:.

Taurus G2C Review [2020] – Best Overall and For The Money

The following is a list of the eight best accessories and upgrades for a Taurus G2C pistol. As you go through the list, it is important to note the characteristics of each one.The Taurus G2C has become one of the more popular choices for pistols among those who practice concealed carry. Especially by those who are among the many law enforcement personnel that keep our country safe each and every day.

Since concealed carry has become more popular across the country, the G2C has also become a go-to favorite among civilians as well. The G2C was originally chambered to fire.

However, it has also been able to be chambered to fire 9mm rounds. Those who have appreciated 9mm pistols have also been drawn to this pistol in general. The Taurus G2C is obviously one of the best pistols that can be used for concealed carry users. As for applications, this was typically designed to be used for tactical or self-defense situations. Likewise, it has also acquired a following among those who tend to shoot targets for fun.

At the same time, even some competitive shooters have been able to give this pistol a go for their competitions with a good deal of success. This is due to the fact that it is small in size and the rounds can travel to a pretty good range. Before you plan on buying a Taurus G2C, remember that it is a concealed carry weapon with a compact design.

Although the magazine features a pinky extension, some people with very big palms can have fitting issues. With a price tag of approximately dollars, the G2C is a fairly inexpensive weapon offering a great deal for the money. But one minor thing to note here is the trigger. The trigger is not a match grade - not that we expect it to be. Especially at this price point. But it takes time to break-in and might take a little to get used to.

So you definitely need some practice. So the two places where it is going to spew bullets in either on a range or in an SHTF self-defense situation. The gun allows you to mount a light underneath on its integral accessory rail. But customization options beyond that are limited. However, it is an amazing handgun to rely upon.I was minding my own business one day when I got a call from my media contact at Taurus.

He said Taurus was coming out with something new, a new 9mm. It would ship with either three or round magazines and was based on the four-inch-barreled G3 full-size 9mm pistol that Taurus came out with not too long ago. Knowing that Taurus can be fairly innovative when it comes to firearms design, I was anxious to see the gun.

I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement in case my review was ready before the 15th of June, the official G3c launch date. As for this reviewer, I plan to wring the gun out and see just what the secrecy, etc. I opened the box today and looked upon its contents…I think we have a winner, ladies and gentlemen. Remember, these are just my quick observations about the gun straight out of the box.

Anyway, it looks really good right from the get-go. Note the slide engraving and the new forward serrations. The slide is finished using the Tenifer Melonite processwhich is a method of ferritic nitrocarburizing. This makes the metal harder and more rust-resistant.

I saw no extraneous machining marks. Taurus has really cleaned up their milling act, literally. Parts were polished that needed to be. The only anomaly I see is the part of the slide over the barrel — two separate channels are milled here. I would need to see other G3s to see if this is the norm. To the best of my knowledge this is a pre-production gun, and subsequent guns may look different.

At any rate, the thing worked great. Note the polish job on the central feed rail — it came like that from the factory. For another take on a central feed rail, read my review of the Springfield XD M. The sights are steel, and replaceable. The dovetail is a standard-sized cut, so that aftermarket sights should soon be easily obtained.

The rear is drift-adjustable, as well. Serrations helped break up glare when I shot the gun. As I stated above, the texturing seems to be more aggressive than that on the G2c. I stippled my G2c grip with a soldering iron — this grip feels just about like that grip.

Very aggressive, which places the gun firmly in the hand when shooting. But, it was not uncomfortable — I really like it. There was a touch of creep before the striker fired, but the break was very crisp. Notice on the right two magazines, plus the one in the gun — you get three round mags with this gun, not unlike some Glocks.

That is a welcome touch!

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