Subject areas

Subject areas

Subject area synonyms, subject area antonyms - FreeThesaurus. Related Words occultism communication theory communications major frontier genealogy allometry bibliotics ology knowledge base knowledge domain domain science scientific discipline architecture applied science engineering science technology engineering futuristics futurology arts humanistic discipline humanities liberal arts theology divinity military science escapology graphology numerology protology theogony.

References in periodicals archive? Therefore, analysis of subject area co-occurrence network is the proxy of the subject co-occurrence which is significant in the detection of the disciplines involved in the development of intellectual structure of IL research and practices and can be visualized by social network analysis tools. Much of the professional development traditionally offered for literacy in the subject areas focuses on specific instructional methods for teaching comprehension strategies, rather than on building teachers' understanding of literacy practices, processes, and learning.

Leading for literacy: Engaging schools and districts in transforming subject-area literacy. On the other hand, the teacher may fail to recognize that although he or she is familiar with the special words and symbols of a subject areathe student may have encountered these terms and symbols for the first time. Reading where it counts. Hence, the subject area of economy is important to address in SSI teaching. Post it! Excellent tool to use in developing a collection by themes and subject areasbut with the understanding that each school will need to customize its materials for the students and curriculum it is serving.

This is my life: a guide to realistic fiction for teens Genreflecting Advisory Series. Although Newman University College is best known for initial teacher education it now offers courses in a wide range of subject areas across the single and combined honours and foundation degree programmes. Range of courses continues to grow. APHA review of existing policies begins next month. Sharpen Your Pencils sessions were presented in the following subject areas : Sharpen your pencils and mark with the examiners.

The second group identifies those who lack one or two college credits in their core subject area Education News in Alabama, c. Impact of the no child left behind act in Alabama: a review. Just turn up with the enthusiasm and motivation to enter into a new subject area or build on an existing interest.

This entertaining educational series includes Number Patterns; Multiples And Factors; Integers; Fractions; Doubles And Halves; Decimals Adding Subtracting And Comparing ; Decimals; and Percentages, each of which is deftly presented in child-friendly ten to fifteen minute lessons which comprehensively explore the details and facts of its own particular subject area.

Math Challenge. Our June issue will be devoted to a booth-by-booth rundown of all the exhibits, categorized by subject area and highlighting the new products in each booth.

Why it's so good to be in plastics. Alternative certification program analysis. Thesaurus browser? Full browser?Switch to new thesaurus. Mentioned in? References in periodicals archive? And rather than "teaching around the texts," as is the norm in many classrooms, teachers support students in using texts as resources for subject area learning and purposeful inquiry.

Leading for literacy: Engaging schools and districts in transforming subject-area literacy. They cover foundations, survey of curriculum models, curriculum in the core subject areathe role of assessment in curriculum development, and trends and future directions in curriculum for the gifted. Introduction to Curriculum Design in Gifted Education. Reading where it counts.

However, we would like to stress that this is certainly not the case in all subject areas. Accordingly, the subject area of environment was specifically separated from the science subject area in the SEE-SEP model, although environmental science including ecology could be considered as a biological domain.

Post it! Each chapter has an opening that talks about the subject area in general and then is followed by subtopics in that theme area. This is my life: a guide to realistic fiction for teens Genreflecting Advisory Series.

subject areas

Deadline to prequalify: April 1, Curriculum consultants. Encompassing drama, media, and art and design this new subject area enables students to understand and explore their understanding and use of media and the creative arts.

Range of courses continues to grow. February: Association policies that fall within the chosen subject areas are forwarded to Joint Policy Committee, which assembles policy review groups for each subject area. APHA review of existing policies begins next month. At each of these interactive sessions a senior member of the College of Examiners outlined the procedure and guidelines for marking the examinations in the given subject area.

Sharpen your pencils and mark with the examiners. Dictionary browser? Full browser?Skip to main content. Subject Areas. Most Recent. Teaching Young Children. February 1, Review the differences between process- and product-focused art to help you get started. Authored by Authored by: Laurel Bongiorno. Members Only. Young Children. July 1, Authored by Authored by: Rebecca Parlakian. December 1, Tips to share with families to incorporate fun and easy math activities at home! These days, teachers no longer view themselves simply as purveyors of information who fill children with knowledge.

Developing a sense of place through geographic experiences helps build the social and emotional foundation children need and will one day use as adults. April 2, Here are three ways the power of storytelling in early childhood is helping young children during this pandemic. Authored by Authored by: Susan Friedman. April 1, Learn how to grow microgreens with project-based learning! Authored by Authored by: Jean Barresi.

March 1, Authored by Authored by: Emily J. Adams, Rebecca Parlakian. NAEYC promotes high-quality early learning for all children, birth through age 8, by connecting practice, policy, and research. We advance a diverse early childhood profession and support all who care for, educate, and work on behalf of young children.Only passing exam scores earned no more than ten 10 years prior to the date of application are acceptable.

Please visit Postsecondary Assessment to review information about Florida's educator assessments. For more options to demonstrate subject area mastery, click here. Contact Educator Certification. Toggle navigation. Certification Subject Area. Agriculture Art K Biology Business Education Chemistry Computer Science K Drama Earth-Space Science Educational Media Specialist PK Elementary Education K English English to Speakers of Other Languages K Exceptional Student Education K Family and Consumer Science World Language: French K World Language: German K World Language: Latin K World Language: Spanish K General Science Middle Grades General Science Health K Hearing Impaired K Humanities K Engineering and Technology Education Marketing This section provides an overview of subject areas and discusses how to:.

subject areas

Describe subject areas. Define subject area taxonomy. Define subject and component multipliers. Subject areas are the specific areas of instruction in which courses are offered within academic organizations. For example, when a course is identified as Mathmath is the subject area. Subject areas are tied to the academic organization tree by the academic organization data for each subject area and by detail nodes for academic organizations in PeopleSoft Tree Manager.

Subject areas are also tied to courses, which you link to later when developing the course catalogs. Before using subject areas, use PeopleSoft Tree Manager, accessed through PeopleTools, to define the academic organizations and to create a hierarchical representation of subject areas by linking subject areas as detail nodes to the academic organizations.

One of the primary uses of defining subject areas as detail nodes on the academic organization tree is to limit access to academic subjects. See PeopleTools: Tree Manager. Page Name. Definition Name. Academic Subject Table. Describe subject areas, modify existing subject area descriptions, link subject areas to academic organizations, and set other parameters, such as blind grading.

Subject Taxonomy. Subject Workload. Define subject and component multipliers by the weight of each component within each subject area at the academic institution. This example illustrates the fields and controls on the Academic Subject Table page.

You can find definitions for the fields and controls later on this page. Currently not in use. Enter the academic organization that offers courses in this subject area. Any academic organization entered here should also have a detail node associated with it for this subject area on the academic organization tree.

Select to indicate that blind grading be used for every course within this subject area.

subject area

This selection is the default value and can be changed on a course-by-course basis on the Offerings page of the Course Catalog component. Blind grading enables you to create a grade roster with randomly generated numbers rather than student IDs. Select to designate multiple academic organization owners for this subject area. If you select this check box, the Academic Organization field and the Percent Owned field become available for edit. This example illustrates the fields and controls on the Subject Taxonomy page.

Enter the CIP code for this subject area.These subject areas, with their corresponding data, are available for you to use when creating and editing analyses and reports. The information for each subject area includes:. Business questions that can be answered by data in the subject area, with a link to more detailed information about each business question.

Job roles and duty roles that can be used to secure access to the subject area, with a link to more detailed information about each job role and duty role. Primary navigation to the work area that is represented by the subject area. Time reporting considerations in using the subject area, such as whether the subject area reports historical data or only the current data.

Historical reporting refers to reporting on historical transactional data in a subject area. With a few exceptions, all dimensional data are current as of the primary transaction dates or system date. The lowest grain of transactional data in a subject area. The lowest transactional data grain determines how data are joined in a report.

Special considerations, tips, and things to look out for in using the subject area to create analyses and reports.

This subject area provides the ability to analyze key metrics associated with AP Holds at Invoices Header and Line level. What is the count and amount of AP Invoices on Hold due to distribution variances? What is the split of invoices on Hold by manual holds vs system holds?

What is the summary of invoices count and amount by various hold reasons and hold by user? What is the summary of invoices count and amount by various release reasons and released by user? What is the count and amount of AP Invoices on Hold due to supplier site limits?

What is the average number of days for invoices on hold and the trend for past six quarters? Accounts Payable Manager. Accounts Payable Specialist. Accounts Payable Supervisor. Accounts Payable Holds Analysis Duty. This subject area enables the analysis of open AP Invoices, including Debit and Credit memos with respect to aging details, current and overdue positions. What is the count and value of AP invoices overdue? What is the summary of AP invoices overdue with respect to their aging buckets and payment terms?

What is the summary of AP invoices across aging buckets, count, and value? What is the average time available to pay off the outstanding AP invoices? Accounts Payable Aging Analysis Duty. This subject area doesn't support historical reporting. It captures current aging of invoice payment installment.

subject areas

This subject area enables the analysis of the historic trend of AP balances at an aggregate level over time. What is the count and average value of payable invoices outstanding grouped by payment terms? How are AP balances trending for a particular supplier over last 8 quarters? What are the Top 10 suppliers with maximum AP outstanding? What is the trend of outstanding AP Balances at consolidated level, supplier level, and Business unit level?

Accounts Payable Balances Analysis Duty. The grain is at the summary of liability minus payments by ledger, legal entity, payables invoicing business unit, suppler, supplier site, liability code combination, currency code of ledger, and fiscal period.

This subject area provides the ability to analyze the key metrics related to AP Expenses sourced from distribution details for the invoices.

What is the trend of AP Expenses for the past six quarters? What is the distribution of AP Expenses by top 10 suppliers?The Curriculum Division provides state-level support, information and non-regulatory guidance to school administrators, teachers, counselors, parents, and students regarding general curriculum laws and rules, particularly with respect to graduation requirements, options for offering courses, and the award of credit. The division is responsible for supporting development and implementation of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills TEKS in the foundation curriculum English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies and the enrichment curriculum career and technical education, fine arts, health education, languages other than English, physical education, and technology applications.


School districts and charter school must provide instruction on the essential knowledge and skills of the appropriate grade levels in the foundation curriculum and enrichment curriculum. The Curriculum Division provides guidance related to the following curriculum-related topics.

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Agency Finances. Contact Us. Other Services. General Information. Charter Schools. District Initiatives. School Boards. Curriculum Standards. Early Childhood Education. Graduation Information.

Instructional Materials. Learning Support and Programs. Special Student Populations. Subject Areas. Financial Accountability. Financial Compliance. State Funding.

Texas Permanent School Fund. Data Submission. Educator Data. Financial Reports. Legislative Information. Program Evaluations. School Data. School Performance. Student Data. House Bill Educator Evaluation and Support System. Educator Initiatives.

Preparation and Continuing Education. Salary and Service Record.

Subject Area Examinations

Home Academics. English Language Arts and Reading. Fine Arts. Health Education. Innovative Courses.

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