Club car precedent speed code 5

Club car precedent speed code 5

Our New SpeedyLink just might be your answer to wake up that painfully slow electric golf cart and get you more golf cart speed. SpeedyLink is an aftermarket Club Car speed upgrade.

club car precedent speed code 5

It's a unique " speed chip " accessory or "mod", providing a simple and cost effective way to give an instant increase of the standard Club Car speed for the "IQ" model golf carts. It just plugs in near the motor and can be removed just as easily if desired. It's fast, easy and we can ship you one immediately. Made right here in the USA! We designed this overdrive module after experiencing frustration with our own slow cart. So many folks wanted one that we decided to manufacture them and offer them to other frustrated CC owners and dealers.

The maximum speed with standard gears and tires has reached 24 mph for some customers. The average is around mph. The part is very simple to install and can be performed by anyone in just a couple of minutes.

Digital Overdrive Systems

SpeedyLink is guaranteed to work or your money back if returned within 14 days. It also carries a full one year warrantee! Take a moment and watch our video demonstration and be sure to read what our customers have said about our SpeedyLink golf cart parts and Maxilink battery cables on the "Testimonials" page. It will not work on the newer excel i2 carts "H" in the serial We are working on a SpeedyLink Plus for those.

Quick Order Here. All Rights Reserved. Back in stock now! Add Overdrive now and save 30 bucks for a limited time! High Speed Tips. Cart Buying Tips. Installing a Light Kit. SpeedyLink will increase the speed of stock Precedent IQ model golf carts to approximately mph instantly. Club Car Inc. As with any other aftermarket or high performance modifications, good judgment and the use of appropriate safety equipment are required to protect against damage, injury or possibly death.

SpeedyLink equipped vehicles should be controlled and operated by adults only. SpeedyLink is sold as an aftermarket test article, and the purchaser assumes all responsibility for the installation and use of the device.

Care should be taken when driving any vehicle at any speed and never while under the influence of alcohol or medications that could affect judgment or reaction ability.Make your otherwise stock performing Club Car golf cart do mph, over the current mph. There are numerous things you can do to make your golf cart go faster. Motor upgrades, controller upgrades, gear changes, battery voltage increase, etc… but the easiest way to squeak another mph out of an otherwise stock golf cart currently running mph is to re-program the Curtis Controller with a high speed code.

You can determine this by removing the rear access cover to see in beyond the rear end and motor. On 12v Precedents you will be looking under the plastic cover between the batteries below the seat. Once you have this information you can check out and put this information in order notes at checkout.

You will then receive the code to unlock the cart and increase its performance via email provided during checkout. Also note it the responsibility of the you the customer to give us accurate information to get the correct code for your controller. If you do not the code you will receive will not work. Nor will you get another code without paying for another code.

We get billed by Club Car every time we ask for a new code. Your email address will not be published. Club Car Speed Code quantity. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Search Blog Posts Search for:.Forums New posts. Media New media New comments. Resources Latest reviews. Log in Register. What's new. New posts. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Club Car Precedent Speed Code 4. Thread starter Drosenotow Start date Oct 20, Drosenotow New Member. Recently purchased Club Car Precedent. Top speed 15 mph determined using Waze app. What, if any, alterations can be made to increase top speed to 20? My bill of sale states speed code 4 added. HotRodCarts Cartaholic. Forum member Diode sells a device to get speed code 5. Give him a couple days to see this post. Welcome to the forum.

Diode Cartaholic - V. I agree 15 miles an hour sounds like speed code 3 what are the first two letters of your serial number What size tires do you have measure from the ground to the top of the tire. Nubs Cartaholic - V. Welcome to the Forum. JRay Cartaholic.If you want to get the maximum top speed out of your Club Car Precedent it will involve your cart to be reprogrammed to a controller setting of a non-stock 5.

While holding the Code 5 Programmer in hand, wire out the top and switch at the bottom you have three programming modes: 1 Right position is Speed Mode, 2 Left position is Torque Mode and 3 Center position straight up and down is stock mode.

Programming is very easy and takes about 45 seconds. First, decide which program you want to use speed. Second, with programmer in hand as abovemove the switch to the right speed setting position. Fourth, plug the programmer into your programming port, and?

The first sequence of flashes is the software version of the Code 5 Programmer tm — at this time it will flash 6 times, pause, flash 6 times, pause, and flash either 1 or 2 more times, indicating firmware version for the AMD motor and for the GE motor.

If at any time during this phase it flashes 5 times, pauses, and flashes 5 times the unit is not communicating with the controller and will shut down. At this time the programmer should be unplugged and put away until a change in programming is needed.

club car precedent speed code 5

Again if the programmer flashes 5 times, pauses, and flashes 5 times again at any time other than end of programming cycle, the Code 5 Programmer is not communicating with the controller. The flash is telling you the Code 5 Programmer is about to shut down and you only want to see this at the end of the programming cycle. Bruno: Check here. Bruno: It will shorten run time a bit just because of the extra battery drain to push the faster speeds.

It will not cause any damage to the cart or batteries though.

club car precedent speed code 5

I just had my precedent repaired with a brand new AMD and my Curtis control stock rebuilt. Cart did 18 mph. Ordered the speed code 5 and cart was doing 29!

I had it for about two weeks when I was running top speed for about 3 minutes and the motor slowed to a crawl. Bruno: Something triggered the cart to go into limp mode. With a resent rebuild it could be a loose wire.

I have a precedent club car what kinda proggramer would i need with out spending a lot of money to up my speed. Bruno: the cheapest way to gain speed is wit one of these. I have a club car.The best way to make your golf cart go faster is by upgrading to larger tires, increasing the RPM, or by using speed chips and magnets. Most golf carts today are used for not just the game alone, but also activities like farming, racing, camping, hunting and a lot more. These activities require the carts to go faster than their usual speeds.

There are various methods to make the cart go faster. Some of them are simple, straightforward and inexpensive while others come at a relatively high cost. This method is slightly expensive. The standard gear ratio for most golf carts is For every Lowering this ratio to will help the cart move faster by increasing the speed from 12 to 14mph. This method is not as expensive as the above option.

It can be adopted for both electric and gas golf carts. The bigger the diameter of the tire, the higher the speed. There are two ways this can be achieved in a gas golf cart. The first option is to adjust the mechanical ground speed governor assembly.

The second method is to replace the engine with one that has a higher rpm output. There are multiple options for raising the rpm in an electric cart. One option is to change the motor with a motor of higher rpm, especially if you have a torque motor.

Another option is to retain the current motor but increase its voltage rating. This method takes hardly any time to get done. This information will be available on the batteries themselves. You can also check the golf cart manual or motor for this detail.Forums New posts. Media New media New comments. Resources Latest reviews. Log in Register. What's new. New posts.

Club Car Precedent Speed Code 4

Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter mway Start date Jul 12, Before I take this thing to the shop I wanted to throw this out for advice : i recently installed speed code 5 and the cart was running well around 20 mph for about 2 weeks before it suddenly became slower mph.

First thing was battery check ;all check good also battery pack over 50 volts down to 46volts under load up hill. Changed speed sensor, MCOR and no change. Uninstalled speed code back to code Did I over tax the system with code 5 maybe burn speed controller? Surely someone has a idea!!!!!! I'd offer a suggestion if I knew, but mine is a DS model and it doesn't have all that stuff you're having trouble with.

I wonder why they changed a bullet proof system like the DS has to go with all those potentially problematic "brains" and controllers? One of the forum experts with your system will probably come up with a thought, but it's weekend time so it might be a while.

Precedent Excel Controller Set-up to Enable Guardian Controls

Thanks for your reply. This is the first cc I've owned. It was much faster and had more pulling power than this one. Cc has nicer look with lights and other equipment. I can't see spending hundreds of dollars on this cart to get it to perform close to the rxv.

I guess I need to remember these carts are designed for the golf course and not the street. Live and learn! Diode Cartaholic - V. I have called you at least five times I have left you at least five messages and I'm having no response. Must have wrong number,didn't see any of either. You must log in or register to reply here.User Name. Remember Me? Click Here to Register! Go to Page Setting the speed code on Club Car. Does anyone know where I can get the speed code changed to 4 in or near TV?

I recently found out in www. Buggiesgornwild that there are 4 speed settings in these club cars and they ship them set on the lowest number. They have to be programmed by a dealer and there is a charge to set it to 4 19 MPH so I would like to know who the closest dealer is that can do this. Also, has anyone had it done and what did it cost?

Share on FB. Two choices AAA golf Carts know ust as much about club cars than any dealer around and will come out to your home. Have you checked the forums at buggiesunlimited. You can usually get an answer to any question you have. One other option is Speedylink. They sell a device which fools the speed sensor in the controller allowing the cart to get up to 'ish although GolfCart's solution sounds like more fun as you can build it yourself There used to be a link to a schematic to build your own speedylink on buggiesgonewild.

Speed Controller on Club Car. Don't use Steve Golf Cart Repair!! Originally Posted by ajbrown. Originally Posted by ijusluvit.

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