Ariens snowblower chute problems

Ariens snowblower chute problems

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All logos, names and trademarks are property of their respective owners. Official Ariens webpage is here: www. For information about Ariens parts, see here. The best place for snowblower discussion on the internet. If you have questions, you can find the answers there. Page Replacing engines on older snowblowers. Update on the engine situation!

How to Adjust Ariens Snowblower Chute

January As we know, the 's and 's Ariens Sno-Thros are considered very robust machines. While Tecumseh engines are considered fine and reliable engines, if taken care of properly, same as anything elseits just a fact that a 40 year old Tecumseh engine might not be quite as healthy as the 40 year old snowblower its mounted on!

Engines often wear out faster than the snow blower itself. This results in some otherwise serviceable 's and 's Snow blowers that simply need a new engine! A few guys out in snowblower discussion-forum land have posted threads about putting new engines on their old machines.

ariens snowblower chute problems

A note on engine swaps. It's up to you to research your particular snowblower model, and make sure the new engine you choose is fully compatable. I had another big, rambling rant about chinese-made products here! If you are interested in reading it, I moved it here. Its about Chinese Honda Clones So, a list of engines.

I would like to create a list of quality late-model engines, or even older engines, like maybe late-model Tecumseh engines from the last 10 years or so that can fit older 's and 's snowblowers. I will list any engines here that will work. Someday I would like to repower my Ariens. So im going to start a database here on this page, listing engine model numbers, and the machine model numbers that we know the engines been sucessfully installed on.

If you have anything to add, please let me know! You will find nothing on this page about Harbor Freight engines, because I cant stand them and I think they are horrible. If you are considering a Harbor Freight engine swap, please read the stories below and consider if you might be able to use a US-made engine instead. Lots of good engines are still out there! It isnt necessary to go the cheap route!Are you getting good snow blower performance, or do you want your snow blower to drive faster, grip better, scrape snow better or throw snow better?

Those functions probably worked perfectly when you got your new snow blower, but after a season or two, that performance can fade. That's not because the performance of a snow blower simply diminishes year over year because it's no longer brand new, but rather because some of its components or features go out of adjustment.

ariens snowblower chute problems

So before you get too frustrated and rush to the snow blower repair shop, try making a few easy adjustments to make your snow blower work better. In many cases, snow blower performance issues can be solved by making a few easy adjustments with some wrenches in your own garage. As always, review the safety information and the instructional details in your operator's manual before performing snow blower service or adjustments. Every snow blower, both single stage and two stage snow blowers, feature a scraper blade at the bottom of the auger housing.

This is the part that scrapes snow off the pavement and other surfaces being cleared. As it's used, the friction between the blade and the pavement slowly wears away the scraper bar material, and depending on frequency of use, could wear the scraper bar after just one or two seasons. When the blade wears too much, your snow blower doesn't scrape all the snow from the clearing surface and leaves snow behind. Spring-loaded scraper bars, which are common on single stage snow blowers, are self adjusting and usually compensate for wear on their own, but two stage snow blower scraper blades will need manual adjustment.

If the material of your two stage snow blower scraper blade is worn, reposition it so to contact your clearing surface more effectively. The following instructions are an abbreviation of the procedural and instructions and details in the operator's manual for your unit:.

After adjusting your scraper blade, review how to adjust your skid shoes and complete that procedure. Skid shoes will always need to be adjusted after a scraper blade adjustment. If your scraper blade has worn too far and can't be adjusted any farther, it will need replacement. New snow blower scraper blades can be found at your local Ariens dealer or online at parts.

Two stage snow blower clearing height can be changed by adjusting the skid shoes, which are the two steel plates attached to the snow blower housing exterior. Adjust snow blower for gravel driveways by lowering the adjustable skid shoes to raise the height of your snow blower housing and the scraper bar.

Higher snow blower clearances are best for clearing gravel surfaces or other surfaces with loose material that you wouldn't want to pick up with your snow blower.You are asking people who have problems with machinery to actually try and figure out what the problem is when it is much easier to complain and expect someone else to fix the problem.

After all, they have more important things to do like play games or talk on their cell phone. Most self propelled tools use a fan belt and pulleys. When you engage it it just tightens up the belt so the pulleys take up the slack in the belt and it turns the pulleys.

Sounds like it just needs to either be adjusted or worst case a new fan belt. I know my snowblower has a fold down handle that loosens up the cables. When unfolded the cables tighten up. There are a series of holes for that cable to plug into on that cam to take up the slack on the cable I would image to allow for wear and the belt stretching. How about just flipping the machine over and looking at how the works and take off your Pink Square Snowflake Hat and putting on a Thinking cap and work the problem people.

Not guessing and making the problem worse! Could be a flaw in the rubber disc or that the drive cable was set too tight from day I responded to Johnny, but didn't see the post. I have figured out the problem with the machine not throwing snow.

The tension-er pulley needs to be moved from the mounting hole into the slot which right next to it. I have had an Ariens for 10 years. This is the first year I have had any issues an I live in Buffalo. My issues this year is that my belt is finally worn and stretched to the point I need a new one. Only problem in 10 years. Use Mobil 1 oil in it and engine runs great.

Starts on first or second pull almost every time. I sent Dan Ariens a letter telling him of the problem I was having and thought there should have been a recall on the problem and he should stand behind his product. He had one of his reps call me and they sent me a retro kit to turn my one auger belt system into the new two belt system thats on all their new snowblowers.

I have a Ariens Tecumseh and still trowing snow since, on a 3, sq ft parking space plus sidewalk around the house. We're sorry that you've had issues with your sno thro and that we have been unable to resolve them. Please send an email to me at epietrowski ariens. Ariens Customer Support.Ariens snowblowers provide a powerful way to remove snow from drives, walks and other areas.

They are strong enough for heavy snowfalls, yet remain easy to use and maneuver. Ariens snowblowers are ruggedly built and are designed to last, providing many years of service, if properly cared for. However, sometimes problems can occur. If you have a problem with your Ariens snowblower, these troubleshooting steps may help. If the engine will not start or stops by itself, first check the fuel tank to see if it is empty.

If so, refill the tank with gas. If the tank has gas, check to see if it is contaminated with water or other pollutants.

ariens snowblower chute problems

If so, drain the tank and refill it with fresh gas. Ensure that the fuel shut-off valve is not closed. Open the valve, if necessary. Place the key switch in the run position. If the engine will still not start, check the wires from the battery to the engine to ensure they are properly connected. If the problem persists, have the unit serviced. If the snowblower fails to operate in either forward or reverse, check to see if the friction disk needs adjustment or is worn and correct the problem, if necessary.

The traction belt may also be worn. Replace the belt, as needed. The speed selector may also need to be adjusted. If the snowblower does not throw snow or does so poorly, the shear bolts may be broken.

Ariens Snowblowers Troubleshooting

Replace them if needed. Replace the belt, if necessary. In Jacksonville, Fla. Navy and a licensed paramedic. He has over 15 years experience writing for several Fortune companies. Whittemore writes on topics in medicine, nature, science, technology, the arts, cuisine, travel and sports.

Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Share this article. Frank Whittemore. Show Comments.Snow blowers are now experiencing that same changeover with EFI engines and offering a host of user benefits like increased power, reliability, efficiency, ease of use and more.

So what engines are in an Ariens snowblower? In addition to our traditional carbureted models, users now have the choice of EFI engines. Among those are the correct mixtures of fuel and oxygen. For years, regulating that sensitive fuel-to-air ratio in snow blower engines was reliant on carburetors. But with advances in technology, that job is also accomplished with EFI technology.

EFI snow blower engines offer numerous benefits to consumers. A major benefit of EFI systems is their cold- and hot-starting performance. With no fuel left in the carburetor, this requires the user to choke the engine, which restricts airflow to the carburetor, and to push the primer bulb to add fuel to the carburetor manually.

EFI systems remove this complexity completely. All you need to do is turn the key and pull the recoil starter handle or push the electric start button — no matter what temperature or altitude your engine is sitting at. As we already discussed, they optimize fuel and air ratios, and ignition timing while compensating for other factors to maintain continuous optimum performance. This makes EFI snow blowers some of the best snow blowers for wet snow. In simple terms, it only uses as much gasoline as it needs.

Fuel consumption varies from engine to engine, but fine tuning the delivery reduces fuel consumption of an EFI engine compared to a carbureted engine.

Carbureted engines are naturally aspirated, meaning their oxygen intake is unassisted and controlled by atmospheric pressure, which changes at varying altitudes. Atomic density, or the quantity of oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and other gases in the Earth's atmosphere, decreases as elevation increases.

In fact, air density drops by one-third every 10, feet above sea level. Think of engines like humans. Carbureted engines work the same way. Engines compensate for less air by using more fuel to work harder, making them less efficient and causing them to run rich use too much fuel — bogging the engine down, causing it to stall or not start at all in higher elevations.

This allows the engine to provide consistent power delivery and better fuel economy at varying altitudes with different oxygen densities. The possibility for random engine stops are greatly reduced in an EFI engine.

It will help you answer the question of what is the most reliable snow blower brand. Whether you go from mower to blower or vise versa, Ariens emphasizes the importance of storing the fuel in your tank and fuel system correctly.

If that critical step is avoided, fuel can oxidize, turn to a gel-like substance, clog the fuel lines and cause your engine to not start. As discussed above, carburetors mix air and fuel. But that oxygen, though necessary, is what causes fuel to go bad over a relatively short period of time.If the discharge chute on your snowblower won't turn, the problem could be with the chute, the chute control, the gearbox or the chute adapter. This video from Sears PartsDirect walks you through how to troubleshoot the issue and get your snowblower working again.

Hi, this is Wayne from Sears PartsDirect. Today we're going to talk about a snowblower discharge chute that won't change positions.

Here are a few things to check. First, make sure the snowblower is sitting on a level surface, turn off the engine and remove the ignition key.

Expert Advice

Then, with the trigger depressed, check to see if the chute turns freely by hand. If it doesn't turn by hand, disconnect the bow-tie cotter pin holding the chute rod to the gearbox assembly. Pull the connecting rod back out of the gearbox coupler and let it rest on the top of the gearbox housing cover. With the trigger depressed, check that the 4-way chute control turns the connecting rod when the joystick is moved side to side.

If your joystick won't rotate the connector rod, then your 4-way chute control will have to be replaced. If the chute control looks okay, let's separate the gearbox from the chute to see if we can find the problem there.

Remove the bolt that attaches the gearbox to the chute bracket. Remove the wing nut from the bottom of the gearbox. Pull the mounting pin out of the chute support bracket. Move the connector rod out of the way. Lift the gearbox off the support bracket and chute. Does the chute move by hand now?

If so, check the receiver in the chute bracket for wear. If the gearbox driver rotates freely inside the receiver, then replace the chute. If the gearbox isn't rotating the driver when you spin the shaft receiver, then you'll need to replace it. If your discharge chute still won't move, you could have a broken chute or chute adapter. Remove the chute from the chute adapter and clear out any snow, ice or debris.

Inspect the chute and chute adapter for any signs of wear and damage, and replace any damaged parts. Hey, thanks for watching.

You need a spark to fire up the engine of your snowblower, and that spark comes from a spark plug. You can replace one in minutes. The shear pin breaks if you hit hard-packed snow, to protect the engine from damage. Your snowblower auger won't rotate until you fix it. You can replace it in about 10 minutes.

Ariens Blog

Learn how to tighten a snowblower drive control if the drive slips or doesn't engage, and how to loosen it if the snowblower creeps when you disengage the drive. January 1, Make sure chute control works First, make sure the snowblower is sitting on a level surface, turn off the engine and remove the ignition key.

Check chute and gearbox If the chute control looks okay, let's separate the gearbox from the chute to see if we can find the problem there.Discussion in ' Snow Removal ' started by FlightsportJan 16, Log in or Sign up.

When diagnosing an issue, or showing off your tractor or implement, it's important to add images so we all know what you're talking about. Especially when it comes to issues and repairs it's important to include as many images as possible to help our members diagnose your issue. To upload images, use the Upload a FIle button found towards the bottom right of the post response box or a new thread.

Jan 16, 1. It ran great last winter. I stored it for the summer in my shed and added Stabil to the fuel. It started up first pull this winter.

However, I find two problems that I need help with. After warm-up, when reducing the choke, the motor begins to run very rough and will only stay running on half choke. Additionally, the motor always back fires when shutting down.

It seems the engine might be running too rich. Not sure what the problem is. Is this a home owner level tweak or should I bring it in? Also, perhaps even more annoying than the above: After fueling it at the beginning of the season topped it offit now reeks of gasoline. So much so that I cant keep it in the garage where I want it. I have run the motor for over an hour, hpping this would help evaporate any fuel that may have dripped during the top off.

I've also scrubbed the motor down with an orange based degreaser. No help. Any help would be appreciated.

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